Employee Volunteers Beautify the Entrance to our EAA Farming Community

Employee Volunteers Beautify the Entrance to our EAA Farming Community

Blog Article1/31/2024

We’re proud that our employees share our pride in being part of the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) – our farming community and home of more than 60 years in western Palm Beach County, Florida.

Employee volunteers recently participated in a beautification project to clean up the entrance to the EAA, including the iconic sign that welcomes visitors to one of the nation’s most productive farming regions.

Working with the Palm Beach Sherriff’s Office, 12 employees picked up and properly disposed of litter near the road used by visitors, trimmed vegetation and cleaned the welcome sign, which pictures some of the many crops grown in the EAA.

“It was exciting to see so many employees take pride in our farming community by caring for it so thoroughly,” said South Florida External Affairs Director Caroline Villanueva. “Everyone involved was very helpful and even suggested ways to support similar projects in the future.”

In addition to being one of the world’s most productive farming basins, the EAA is also one of the most sustainable. Through Florida Crystals’ regenerative organic farming practices, our innovative use of high-tech Precision Agriculture and our on-farm Best Management Practices, we’re preserving our natural resources for our generation and those to come.

By rotating our sustainably grown sugarcane and rice with fresh sweet corn, green beans, radishes and other vegetables, we’re proud to feed millions of people each year and help the EAA retain its status as the nation’s winter vegetable capital!