Florida Crystals' Barn Owls Thriving Thanks to More Nesting on its South Florida Farms

Florida Crystals' Barn Owls Thriving Thanks to More Nesting on its South Florida Farms

Press Release11/16/2023

Florida Crystals Corporation’s barn owl census reveals more winged predators are nesting on its sugarcane and rice farms after growing its innovative barn owl network to more than 2,000 boxes as part of its regenerative agriculture programs

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (November 16, 2023) Florida Crystals Corporation, owner of the largest Regenerative Organic Certified® farmland in America, announces barn owls continue to nest at a high rate on its farms after a major expansion to its barn owl box program, according the sugarcane company’s barn owl census.

Florida Crystals’ barn owl box network – the largest private barn owl network in the world – is part of the company’s regenerative agriculture program to naturally protect crops on its South Florida farms and increase biodiversity.

Florida Crystals inspects its barn owl boxes at the start of each nesting season, beginning in September. The census includes the number of adult owls, owlets and eggs.

Florida Crystals’ barn owl program is key to protecting its Regenerative Organic Certified® farms

“We have twice as many boxes on our farms this year, and we still achieved the same high average nesting rate as last year, which is amazing,” said Dr. Moramay Naranjo, Florida Crystals’ Principal Research Scientist and expert in crop protection. “We want to attract even more owls to our farms to benefit from their tremendous hunting abilities, as part of our natural rodent control program. Our barn owls are especially important in protecting our Regenerative Organic Certified® farms, so we are thrilled with these results.”

Florida Crystals grew its owl program from 850 boxes to 2,035 boxes last year. This year’s census includes all 350 boxes on Florida Crystals’ Regenerative Organic Certified® farms and every other box on the rest of its farms. In the first month of nesting season, barn owls had already made homes in half of the 1,003 boxes inspected. The census recorded more than 1,280 adults, owlets and eggs, which is higher than last year’s results.

“We are incredibly excited about our census and are confident the same results hold true in all our more than 2,000 boxes,” added Naranjo.

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