Daniel Cavazos Excels in Rice Leadership Development Program as an Emerging Leader in the Industry

Daniel Cavazos Excels in Rice Leadership Development Program as an Emerging Leader in the Industry

Blog Article06/15/23

The USA Rice Federation’s Rice Leadership Development Program has long been recognized as a prestigious initiative that nurtures and shapes aspiring leaders in the industry. Daniel Cavazos, Florida Crystals’ Director of Rice and Organic Farming, has recently made significant strides in this program, learning valuable insights that will help our local rice farmers continue to flourish and feed millions of people each year.

“There’s never been anyone from Florida in the program before me, so that is a big honor,” said Daniel.

Through the program, Daniel engages in rigorous and immersive sessions designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the rice industry. Through firsthand observations, seminars and workshops, he continues to gain insights into all aspects of the rice production process, from cultivation and sustainability to industry trends and challenges. 

As the largest rice grower in Florida and owner of the state’s only rice mill, Florida Crystals is enjoys the opportunity to support the development of talent and expertise that will help the company and the local rice industry continue to grow and become more efficient at producing this important staple food.  Each year, Florida Crystals grow more than 20,000 acres of rice in rotation with our sugarcane, part of our regenerative agriculture program that helps protect the health of our soil and drawdown carbon to store in the soil. Rice is a beneficial crop as it is low input and it is flooded during its initial growing period, which naturally deters weeds and pests.

“Meeting third- and fourth-generation rice farmers and learning about their challenges and how they have overcome them has been very informative and rewarding,” said Daniel. 

Daniel’s selection for the Rice Leadership Development Program is a testament to his dedication and expertise within the industry. A committee of esteemed rice industry and agribusiness leaders meticulously evaluated applications and letters of recommendation, recognizing his passion, knowledge and commitment to the rice sector. 

Building on the foundation of the initial program, Daniel further demonstrated his leadership potential by qualifying for the international leadership session. This additional weeklong session is exclusively offered to Rice Leadership Development Program graduates who have applied their acquired skills and expertise to significantly contribute to the industry. The selection process involves a thorough evaluation, considering the candidates' achievements and impact. 

Daniel’s participation in the Rice Leadership Development Program is a significant milestone in his journey as an emerging leader in the industry.