Florida Crystals Employees Inspire Glades Youth at ‘Claim Your Future Showcase’

Florida Crystals Employees Inspire Glades Youth at ‘Claim Your Future Showcase’

Blog Article2/25/2022

Florida Crystals was excited to share our many career opportunities with students at Pahokee Middle Senior and Glades Central high schools as part of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County’s “Claim Your Future Showcase” on Feb. 15. 

Ours was one of several organizations that volunteered experts to speak to students about the importance of soft skills, career preparedness and potential paths to success. On a panel moderated by Palm Beach County School Board Member Marcia Andrews, who represents the Glades region and much of central Palm Beach County, our employees were joined by representatives from Palm Beach State College, FINFROCK, the Palm Beach County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches and the U.S. Army. 

Johnny Tellechea  participated in the discussion at Pahokee Middle Senior High, and Tatiana Messerole was on the panel at Glades Central. Johnny was joined in Pahokee by Elia Ruiz, and Tatiana was joined at Glades Central by Rosa Garcia-Castrejon, a Glades Central alumna.

We believe strongly in encouraging our local youth to explore all of their career options. Through our participation in events like the Claim Your Future Showcase, we can share the variety of positions they could pursue in agriculture, including engineering, research and development, welding, machining and operating heavy equipment. While some of those jobs require college degrees, others require several months to a year of trade school.

“It’s good for the youth in this area to see the opportunities we have to offer,” Johnny said. In speaking to students, he emphasized that there are more paths to a career than a four-year degree.

“Not everybody’s going to college, and they can realize there is a future out there for trades,” he said. “Florida Crystals is a big company, and there are a lot of opportunities.”

Tatiana encouraged students to be flexible and “put the work first” so that when opportunities arise, they will be ready. 

“We are looking for a partner that is willing to come into our company, have a good attitude and work hard,” she said. “You can go very far.”

School Board Member Andrews reminded students that they don’t need to leave the Glades to find jobs that pay well and provide a great quality of life. 

“These people here, they are your family,” she said. “They want to help you be successful.”

After each panel, students were able to pick up one of dozens of Florida Crystals tote bags, each containing our Florida Crystals® Organic Raw Cane Sugar and locally grown rice.