Florida Crystals® Consumer Brand Gets Award-Winning New Look!

Press Release11/5/2021


Press Release

As the only grower of organic sugarcane in the U.S., Florida Crystals is excited to launch a fresh look for our consumer brand that highlights our organic offerings and reflects six decades of sustainably growing sugarcane on our family-owned farms and crafting cane sugars.

"For decades, we've grown, harvested and milled sugarcane, giving us full visibility of how our specialty cane sugars are crafted," said Paula Summers, Vice President of Marketing. "We're dedicated to creating happiness by giving people pure sweetness they can feel good about with every bite. And, we wanted the Florida Crystals® logo and product packaging to help share our brand's unique story."

The Florida Crystals sunburst logo has represented our company and the Florida Crystals consumer brand since 1998, proudly embodying our legacy as leaders in the sugarcane industry and sustainable agriculture. While the brands have been intertwined over the past two decades, each has evolved. Florida Crystals’ corporate brand will retain the iconic sunburst logo, and we are excited to now showcase our new consumer brand identity with a fresh new look.

The new consumer logo and design feature natural hues and sugarcane stalks at the forefront to represent the brand's commitment to sustainability and providing sweetness that is organic, homegrown and minimally processed. Within the logo, consumers will discover a hidden bird that pays tribute to the more than 800 barn owls that call our farms home and help control pests naturally –a symbol of our innovative and sustainable farming approach.

Florida Crystals’ new packaging design is an award winner of Graphic Design USA's 2021 American Package Design Awards in the Food and Beverage category. The new design includes a larger product window, giving consumers a peek at the sweetness inside; organized certifications to ease understanding of each product's key attributes; and an origin statement to let consumers know that the sugar comes from sugarcane grown on family-owned farms. The back of package shares our farming practices, as well as a design element that highlights products that are homegrown sustainably.

As a part of our commitment to reducing waste, the recyclable sugar pouches and jugs now feature a How2Recycle label to guide consumers to recycle properly.

“Today’s consumers want to know more about the products they buy as they become increasingly invested in their purchasing decisions,” said Sr. Brand Marketing Manager Corina Flushing. “They’re choosing ingredients that are not only clean and minimally-processed, but that are traceable and offer transparency. Florida Crystals has full transparency in each step of our sugarcane’s journey, from our family-owned farms, to our mills, to our bags, and we’re able to showcase that on the new packaging!”

Find Florida Crystals® new packaging on the shelves at local grocery stores across the country and online this fall.  

For recipes, baking tips, product information and to preview the new packaging, visit FloridaCrystals.com.